When Death Occurs

When a death occurs in your family you will be faced with many responsibilities during a difficult time. It may be very overwhelming but you are not alone.  Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you with every detail. We have compiled a list to use as a guide during this traumatic situation.


  1. After a death occurs notify us by calling 201-438-4664 or any location. At that time we may ask you some of the following questions:

~ What is the full name of the deceased?

~ Where is the decedent? (Hospital, Nursing Facility, Residence,etc.)

~ What is your name and telephone number

~ What is the name, address, and telephone of the next-of-kin?

~ Is there a pre-arranged funeral plan?

At that time we will setup an appointment to meet and complete the details of the funeral arrangements.  We will ask you to be prepared with the following information:

~ Decedent’s date and place of birth

~ Deceased's education

~ Decedent’s parents' names(including their mother’s maiden name)

~ Social Security Number of the deceased

~ Marital Status

~ Information about the deceased education

~ Military Discharge Papers (if applicable)

~ Cemetery Deed (if applicable)

~ Life Insurance (if applicable)

~ Clothing for the deceased

~ A recent photograph of the deceased

At the time of the arrangement we will discuss what type of services your family desires and make all the necessary contacts to arrange the services on the dates you wish. This will include contacting clergy, cemetery, crematory, local organizations, florist, restaurant, etc. We will also write an obituary to display on our website and run in the newspaper of your choosing, if you desire to do so.  We will assist you in choosing the appropriate merchandise for the services and determine the number of death certificates your family will need to settle your loved one’s estate.

  1. Make a list of family, friends, and colleagues who will need to be notified that the death has occurred.  You may wish to use a branching system: making a few phone calls and asking those individuals to call specific people on the list.  For business purposes it may be more convenient to use email for communication.  A link from the obituary listed on our website can be emailed to an individual and distributed as needed from there.
  1.  Delegate special needs of the household, such as food preparation or cleaning, to friends and family who offer help.
  1. Prepare a list of people who should receive an acknowledgement or thank you card.  This would include those who sent flowers, food, mass cards, or who had given their time to assist you during this time.
  1. After the services are completed we will provide you with the death certificates you will need to legally notify the following: mortgage company, DMV, banks, pension companies, life insurance companies.  The funeral home will contact social security and veteran association if applicable.
  1. Credit card companies, health insurance, landlords on rental properties may require death certificates but photocopies should be sufficient.
  1. If your loved one lived alone you may want to contact the Post Office to forward their mail.