Cremation Options

cremation-service.jpgTraditional Funeral

These services include a viewing with the body of your loved one present.  The next day a service either in the funeral home or church would be followed by the committal service at the crematory.  Some families choose to have a private cremation in which friends & extended family would not accompany the body to the crematory.

Viewing and service in one day

Theses services include a viewing with the body of your loved one present during which time either a clergy person or a family member can offer a religious service or eulogy about the decedent. The cremation would take place with no family present.

Memorial Service

Memorial services are any service without a body present.  A memorial service can take place at the funeral home with or without an urn present.   It can mirror that of a visitation at the hours of the families choosing with or without religious services.

Memorial Mass

This mass would take place at the church with or without an urn.

Graveside Service

A gathering at a cemetery as the cremated remains are interred in a grave or inurned in a niche or columbarium.  This service can be lead by a clergy person or by family members eulogizing the individual.